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State Graduate Funding

Scholarships as per the State Law on Graduate Funding (LGFG):

The awarding of LGFG scholarships is the responsibility of the state higher education institutions. In Freiburg, the administrative side of this task is carried out by the International Graduate Academy (IGA). The IGA is responsible for individual funding (calls for applications and administration), but does not make decisions on the awarding of scholarships.

Rather, these decisions are made by the central grants commission (a senate commission), which generally adheres to the recommendations made by the expert advisory committees.
Funding begins yearly on October 1st contingent on sufficient budget resources.
Highly qualified international doctoral candidates are also welcome to apply for a scholarship.

For first information on state-funded doctoral scholarships (LGFG), please read this flyer.

Further Information, rules and regulations can be found here.

As a result of the announced reduction of the state graduate funds there will probably be no call for applications for new state-funded scholarships in 2018 and 2019.
The continued funding (13th-24th month of funding) and extension (25th-36th month of funding as well as the additional year of funding for parents) are expected to remain unaffected.


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