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Doc on! IGA Onboarding Event for Doctoral Candidates

The Welcome Event “Doc on!” takes place on Thursday, 28th of April 2022 from 11:00 am -13:00 pm via ZOOM.

Would you like

  • to learn more about the services of the International Graduate Academy (IGA) and the Welcome Service?
  • to get to know other doctoral candidates?
  • to start new networks in Freiburg?
  • to take an active part in the University, e.g. as doctoral representatives?



Please register, latest until the 21st of April 2022, for this event preferably in HISinOne or via email (



11:00-11:05  Welcome

11:05-11:15  Networking

11:15-11:45  Presentation of the IGA services & the Welcome Office

11:45-12:00  Time for questions

12:00-12:15  Presentation of the doctoral representatives

12:15-13:00  Networking moderated by the doctoral representatives

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