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Project Coordination

The coordination, administration, and management of research partners are key factors in making joint research projects a success.

Support for Project Directors in Recruiting Staff

In order to make it easier for project directors to find suitable personnel for this complex task, we have provided an overview of qualifications that coordinators should bring to the job.

Social and Personal Skills

  • strong communication skills, the ability to cooperate and work in a team, diplomatic skills
  • the ability to work independently and take on responsibility, organizational talent
  • dependability, the ability to work under pressure
  • analytical and conceptual abilities
  • a service orientation

Professional Skills

  • expertise in the academic discipline in question
  • experience in project administration and project management
  • an interest in working at the interface between research, university administration and leadership, funding organizations, and the interested public
  • knowledge of the structures of a university, ideally of the University of Freiburg
  • experience coordinating joint research projects
  • experience with financial planning and budget calculation for research projects
  • experience in the organization of academic conferences, workshops, etc.
  • ideally, personal experience applying for third-party funding
  • basic skills in budget law and the administration of third-party funds are beneficial
  • foreign language skills, if required (English, French)


Continuing Education Options for Project Coordinators

  • German Research Foundation

Forum for Higher Education and Research Management [de]

  • University of Bern, IKAÖ, Research Group for Inter-Transdiciplinarity

Workshop "Shaping Interdisciplinary Processes in Research Networks [de]

  • Center for Research Management Speyer [de]
Online portal on research management [de]

  • Research Management Network [de]