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Conflict Counseling

Your productivity and motivation are fading because of an unresolved conflict? Perhaps you have already considered abandoning your dissertation project because of this?

We would like to support you with our conflict counseling, if you wish to work through and overcome this problem. Conflict counseling is offered for doctoral candidates of all faculties at the University of Freiburg (except for the Faculty of Medicine) who encounter a social conflict.

Please send us an email or call to describe your concerns and to arrange an individual appointment (see contact). The conversations are strictly confidential. The service is free of charge.

If the conflict is with your supervisor, please make use of the central ombuds process for doctoral candidates and supervisors.

When do you have a social conflict?

In general: You interact with at least one person and you feel as if your needs, interests or goals are affected by that person and cannot be realized.

Examples: You have to rely on your colleague’s work, but feel that he/she does not cooperate sufficiently. You feel left out, undervalued or offended. You experience unjustified accusations, open conflict or aggressive behavior.

Contents of the Counseling

  • Analysis of the conflict situation (persons involved, positions, behavior)
  • Clarification of needs, interests and motives
  • Reflecting roles
  • Changing perspectives
  • Strengthening your competences to cope with the conflict
  • Developing and practicing communication strategies

Counseling Methods (examples)

  • Working with “inner parts”
  • Sociogram
  • Timeline
  • Clarifying values
  • One person role play
  • Psychodrama in individual settings

Qualifications of the Counselor