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Qualification Docs

Freiburg Research Services offer 35 to 40 courses and workshops per semester in German and English to provide doctoral candidates transdisciplinary further qualifications. The courses teach core competencies and transferable skills in six areas:


  • Management, Communication and Leadership
  • Publishing, Media and IT
  • Career Planning and Career Entry
  • Higher Education and Teaching Qualification
  • Academic Practice
  • Languages
These courses are open to registered or matriculated doctoral candidates at the University and may be attended free of charge. Doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Medicine, please contact the Dean’s Office Administration (contact: Bettina Armbruster) for further information on qualification opportunities provided by the Faculty of Medicine.
Click here for information on registration and a complete description of the conditions for participation. Please register for workshops and courses online with the user identification and password you received from the IT Services Department.
If you have problems registering, please read the information on our FAQ page.

For our current program please click here.