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Research Programmes

Here you may find information on currently open calls for proposals of different EU formats, as well as important information on research funding in the EU context.


European research policy

Further information on the negotiations and the decisions on shaping Europe's research policy, as well as background information on the EU research programmes, can be found on the following pages:


Brexit and Switzerland: Handling EU research projects

Horizon Europe

Full association with Horizon Europe is foreseen for the United Kingdom (UK). Institutions from the UK will be able to participate in collaborative projects from the very first calls under Horizon Europe. The corresponding association agreement will enter into force retroactively as of 01.01.2021. Further information is provided by the EU Commission here.

An association to Horizon Europe is also envisaged for Switzerland; similarly to the UK, the corresponding association agreement is to enter into force retroactively. This will also allow Swiss institutions to prepare their participation in collaborative projects under Horizon Europe. The Swiss government has additionally reserved funds to cover the costs of the projects, so that the participation of Swiss institutions will in any case be financially secured and fully possible.

Horizon 2020

UK institutions remain eligible to participate and receive funding until the end of Horizon 2020 and until the end of the duration of the individual projects. This applies to both collaborative and individual funding schemes (MSCA and ERC grants).


Contact persons at the National Contact Points

The EU has set up National Contact Points throughout Europe to provide advice for EU projects in the various fields. The German contact persons for Horizon Europe can be found on the EU website of the BMBF.