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Compulsory enrollment or registration

Since March 30th 2018, doctoral candidates must enroll after being accepted as a doctoral candidate by the faculty (application for matriculation), according to § 38 Abs. 5 of the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG). This is also the case for doctoral candidates that have an employment contract with the University of Freiburg (e.g. research assistant). The Service Center Studium is in charge of this.


  • Doctoral candidates that have been accepted by their faculty before March 30th 2018 are entitled to enroll, but are not obligated to do so.


  • Doctoral candidates whose main occupation is at the University of Freiburg (employment contract for at least half of a full-time position) can be exempt from compulsory enrollment. For this, please fill out an application for registration and attach a copy of your current employment contract.


Registration process

Should you be exempt from compulsory enrollment (see above for exceptions) and should you have decided against enrollment, you must register. Registration is free. Just like enrollment, it occurs after the acceptance as a doctoral candidate. By presenting the acceptance confirmation of your faculty and the completed application for registration at the Studierendensekretariat (German doctoral candidates) or at International Admissions and Services (IAS) (international doctoral candidates), you will be registered as a doctoral candidate.

If you have been accepted at your faculty after March 30th 2018 and want to be exempt from compulsory enrollment (see above), please attach your current employment contract to your registration application.



  • How can I be exempt from compulsory enrollment?
    Please attach a copy of your current contract of employment to your application for registration.
  • What are my rights as a registered doctoral candidate?
    After registration, you will receive a message from the IT Services about the set-up of your Uni-Account for the role as doctoral candidate. Other roles and existing accounts (e.g. as employee) will not be affected by this. With your user ID you can, among other things, book courses and workshops through the generic qualifications program of the IGA and make use of the services of the University IT Services and other services of the University Freiburg.
  • I am already enrolled as a doctoral candidate, must I still register?
    No, you do not also have to register. You can use the services of the University IT Services and other services through the Uni-Account as a doctoral candidate.
  • Which services does the IT Service offer for enrolled doctoral candidates?
    The University IT Services are summed up in this flyer.
  • I could be exempt from compulsory enrollment. Should I enroll or register?
    What are the differences?
    You can read in our flyer what the basic differences are between enrollment and registration, and which documents must be handed in respectively.
  • Do international doctoral reserachers need to pay tuition fee?
    International doctoral researchers have to pay the usual semester contribution (currently 161 Euro per semester) if they are matricualted. However, they do not have to pay tuition fee (1500 Euro per semester).
  • Can I be exempted from compulsory enrollment if I am an established staff member at an external research institute (f.e. Max-Planck-Institute, Fraunhofer Institute)?
    No, the exception is only for doctoral candidates who have a current employment contract at the University of Freiburg.
  • Can I be exempted from compulsory enrollment if I am an established staff member at University Medical Center Freiburg (incl. University Heart Center Freiburg - Bad Krozingen)?

    Yes, you can be exempted if you have a current working contract with the state of Baden Württemberg.