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Information on Registration

The Rectorate resolved on 17 February 2010 to register all doctoral candidates of the University of Freiburg. Thus, university accounts were created for all doctoral candidates who were not already matriculated as doctoral students. The account can be used to sign up for the courses of the International Graduate Academy and take advantage of other services offered at the University of Freiburg. Doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Medicine are exempt from mandatory registration due to the special conditions for doctoral studies in medicine. Voluntary registration after the first state examination is possible.

If you have problems registering or need more information on registration, please read the FAQ section.

Registration as a doctoral candidate has the following advantages:


In order to register, you will need to obtain acceptance as a doctoral candidate from your faculty. For information on acceptance as a doctoral candidate, click here. After receiving acceptance by your faculty, you can register as a doctoral candidate by submitting the certificate of acceptance from your faculty and the application for registration at the Student Registration Office (german doctoral candidates) or at the International Admissions and Services (IAS) (international doctoral candidates). You will then receive a notice confirming that your account has been created. Other roles and existing accounts (e.g., employee) are not affected when your new account is created. You can use your account to sign up for the courses and workshops of the IGA course program and profit from other services of the University of Freiburg, such as those of the Computing Center. Matriculated doctoral candidates can take advantage of these services using their university account as a doctoral student.

A current flyer provides a brief overview about the differences between the registration and matriculation for doctoral candidates. It is available as a download here.



  • I am already matriculated as a doctoral candidate. Should I register as well?Matriculated doctoral students are already known by name.
    You do not need to register in case you are matriculated. You can use your university account as a doctoral student to sign up for the courses of the IGA qualification program and profit from other services of the University of Freiburg, such as those of the University IT services.
  • Should I rather matriculate or register? What are the main differences? In our current flyer, the differences of matriculation and registration are outlined and the respective documents you need to submit are listed.
  • I am a visiting doctoral candidate in a structured doctoral program at the University of Freiburg and I wish to participate in the IGA qualification program. Can I register?
    You cannot register at the University of Freiburg as a visiting doctoral candidate. However, you can preregister or receive admission to individual courses through the coordinator or speaker of your program. Please ask your coordinator or speaker to contact Dr. Tina Lampe if you wish to take a course (