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Language Tandem for Doctoral Candidates

Would you like to extend your foreign language skills? Or learn an exotic language? Or improve your pronunciation?

We offer Freiburg doctoral candidates a professional search service for language tandems. Two people share their language skills (native speakers or at least level C1) with one another and help each other to learn the foreign language.

Advantages of a language tandem between doctoral candidates

  • the possibility to network with other doctoral candidates
  • intercultural exchange
  • free language practice
  • academic exchange at the doctoral level is possible and can lead to joint projects


What does the language tandem search service offer?

  • professional assistance in finding a tandem partner
  • information and tips on successful and effective language tandems
  • advice on language learning for tandem partners during our tandem consultation hour


Registration and search service

All matriculated or registered doctoral candidates at the University of Freiburg who are interested in practicing their foreign language skills through one-on-one contact with a native speaker are eligible for participation.

To register for a language tandem, please fill out the registration form. We’ll notify you by email as soon as we’ve found an appropriate tandem partner for you.

Other options for finding a tandem partner include ads on notice boards of the university (for example at the entrances of the institutes of the relevant languages), the tandem service of Studierendenwerk and the tandem language service of Language Teaching Centre (SLI).


You can ask us questions any time by visiting us during our consultation hour or sending us an email (). We’ll be happy to give you tips and advice.

Please also read our information leaflet. It explains how to organize the tandem so that both partners benefit from it.


Freiburg Research Services
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Send us an email at .

We wish you a lot of fun and success learning a foreign language!