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Career Coaching

During the doctorate, people often ask themselves: What comes next? Often followed by: What can I do, what do I really want to do professionally and how do I get there? The possible answers to these questions are so diverse that you can easily get caught up in all the possibilities. Career coaching for doctoral candidates gives you the opportunity to clarify these questions for yourself and to gain a more nuanced self-assessment and a clearer picture of your own strengths, talents and abilities.

Insights into your own motivation and interests as well as the development of new non-academic perspectives are goals that you can map out for yourself with individual support. Take the opportunity to consider your career goals and aspirations at an early stage and make an appointment (see contact person) for an initial consultation/goal clarification.

Do you already have an advertised position in mind? We will also be happy to help you with a specific application portfolio check. Please contact us to arrange an appointment and send us the job advertisement, your CV and cover letter.