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Science Support Centre

We provide comprehensive advising and support for postgraduate researchers at the University of Freiburg (except medicine) in all phases of planning and preparing proposals of third-party-funded research projects.

Our service is also open for incoming researchers, who would like to move to the University of Freiburg  within the scope of an individueal DFG application such as Emmy Noether, Heisenberg or "Eigene Stelle" (Temporary Positions for Principal Investigators).

From the initial idea to the successful completion of your project our service helps to create windows for research and to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of Freiburg as a research location.

Service for Research

We provide support in designing and preparing proposals for your third-party-funded research projects. We professionalize the process of writing a proposal with our scientific background and our administrative experience.

Personal Advising

  • Personal advice on the right funding format; in case of young researchers also with regard to career development
  • Support in designing and preparing proposals for your third-party-funded research and/or collaborative projects
  • Proofreading of applications, with feedback for instance on formal aspects and regarding the evaluation criteria
  • Advice on on-site reviews of proposals, taking account of previous experience and the requirements of funding organisations

We offer our services by e-mail, phone or through one to one appointments. To this end please contact the person responsible for your faculty at SSC.

Finding Funding Opportunities

  • familiarity with national and international research funding programs
  • personal advising to help you find the right funding format for your project
  • Freiburg Funding Portal – database for online searching (Flyer)
  • Funding Programs of the University of Freiburg and the State of Baden-Württemberg


Preparing Proposals

  • knowledge of the necessary guidelines
  • contact with funding organizations
  • feedback on the structure of the proposal and its adherence to the evaluation criteria

Planning Projects

  • support on cost estimates and financial planning for your project
  • adjustment of the positions in your proposal to the work program
  • knowledge of the funding organization’s expectations concerning the necessary infrastructure at the university (space, technical equipment, and human resources)
  • support in establishing a professional project management


Events and Workshops

Networking Competencies

We coordinate the exchange of information between all parties and organize central administrative processes. By promoting close communication between everyone involved, we help ensure that your proposal procedure runs smoothly.

In addition to the Science Support Centre there are further service departments of the University of Freiburg that support the application and implementation of projects, e.g. for graduate funding, international research proposals, medical research projects, research transfer or development of studies and teaching.

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