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Time to say goodbye! Leaving Academia

Target Group

Postdoctoral researchers


With more and more researchers trying to stay in academia, permanent academic positions are be-coming increasingly competitive. Faced with this employment bottle-neck, many academics cannot – or choose not to – compete on the academic job market. This group, which constitutes the majority of postdoctoral researchers, faces questions such as: For which jobs outside academia am I qualified? How do I find a job in industry or government? Which of my skills and experiences are most attractive for non-academic employers? Which jobs suit best my interests and motives? In this seminar, we focus on strategies and individual perspectives for a successful transition from academia to job possibilities in the outside world. The seminar aims at supporting participants in getting to know different career options in the public, industry, and economy sector. Participants will be enabled to identify their personal interests and motives as well as to recognize their ‘market value’. The second day of the workshop is dedicated to individual counseling sessions (30 - 45 min for each participant). Here, participants have the opportunity to reflect on individual questions regarding their career decisions and development, to get feedback on their application documents, and to discuss their application strategy.


After this seminar,

  • you will have an overview of the situation of academics on the non-university job market.
  • you will reflect about your own career motivations.
  • you know strategies to identify different career options outside academia.
  • you will be able to communicate your skills relevant for different job options outside academia.
  • you know about the most important aspects for successful job applications.


  • Interactive input by the trainer
  • Small group work
  • Analysis of career motives
  • Group discussions
  • Written exercises


Course instructor

Dr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt,


8h + individual Coaching sessions


Thursday, 21st Nov. 2019, 9am to 5pm

Friday, 22nd Nov. 2019, 9am to 5pm


Please fill in the registration form and send it to


Freiburg Research Services (FRS), Friedrichstr. 41-43, 2nd floor

Max. no. of participants