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Postdoc Qualification Program

Qualification Program for Postdocs during the Winter Term 2017/18



To register for our program, please fill in the registration form and send it to We will verify your registration and send you a confirmation of your registration via email.

Please note: You agree to the conditions for participation when signing in for a course.

Parents wanted: The university’s family service and the Freiburg Research Services would like to invite all doctoral and postdoctoral parents for an informal exchange over lunch on November 29 at the Caféhaus Freiburg (Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 268). We have a table there between 12:00 and 14:00 and we would be happy to exchange thoughts with you and among each other. Please write an email to indicating your interest so that we have an idea of how many people will be there. The costs for food and beverages need to be covered individually.


Management, Leadership, and Communication

  • 24.10.2017 & 25.10.2017


  • 07.11.2017
  • 22.11.2017 & 23.11.2017

Professionelle Gesprächs- und Verhandlungsführung

  • 27.11.2017


  • 04.12.2017 & 05.12.2017
  • 08.01.2018 & 09.01.2018

Successful Leadership and Supervision

  • 17.01.2018 & 18.01.2018

Basiswissen BWL

  • 29.01.2018 & 30.01.2018

Sich im beruflichen Umfeld positionieren: Handlungsspielräume ausloten und erweitern

  • 15.02.2018 & 16.02.2018

Konfliktmanagement für Führungskräfte

  • 07.03.2018 & 08.03.2018

Wirksame Selbstpräsentation und Rhetorik

  • 13.03.2018

Führung mit den eigenen Stärken!


Career Planning and Career Entry

  • 20.11.2017 & 21.11.2017

How to Manage Your Own Lab

  • 30.11.2017

From Idea to Realization: How to Plan and Develop a Research Project

  • 06.12.2017

"Machen die Geisteswissenschaften arbeitslos?": Karrieregespräch mit Marieke Abram (Selbständig als Coach, Mediatorin, Philosophin)

  • 13.12.2017
  • 22.01.2018 & 23.01.2018

Application Training for the Non-Academic Job Market

  • 26.01.2018
"Write Down the Underground! Vom Schreiben für freie Kunst": Karrieregespräch mit Dr. Vera Fischer (Autorin im Bereich Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit)
  • 31.01.2018

Time to Write: Grant Proposal Writing with Expert Support

  • 19.01.2018

"The Career Path of a Neuroscientist" Career Talk with Dr. Anna-Antonia Pape (Research Manager at TWT GmbH Science & Innovation) - cancelled

  • 20.02.2018

Auf dem Weg zur Professur – Bewerbung und Berufung

  • 06.03.2018

"Wissenschaftsmanagement als Berufsfeld": Karrieregespräch mit Dr. Alexandra Franzke

  • 09.03.2018
  • 15.03.2018 & 16.03.2018
  • 20.03.2018

Marie-Sklodowska-Curie (MSC) – Individual Fellowship measurements, advancing your career by further training

  • 22.03.2018


Publishing, Media, IT

  • 06.11.2017

Einführung in das Urheberrecht

  • 08.11.2017


  • 17.11.2017

Haben Sie an den Datenschutz gedacht? Datenschutzrechtliche Bestimmungen für Wissenschaftler_innen (Angebot der FRAUW)

  • 07.12.2017 & 08.12.2017

Data Analysis and Statistics using R and RStudio

  • 19.01.2018
  • 15.02.2018

Einführung in die elektronische Literaturverwaltung mit Zotero für Forschungsprojekte


Academic Practice

  • 31.01.2018
  • 12.02.2018 & 13.02.2018

Good Scientific Practice

  • 19.02.2018

Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis


Advisory Services

  • 13.11.2017 & 01.02.2018

Career Counselling for the non-academic Job Market

  • By Arrangement

Individual Advisory Service of the Science Support Centre

  • By Arrangement

Individual Advisory Service of the EU Office

  • By Arrangement

Individual Advisory Service of the "Founders Office" (Gründerbüro)


Individual Coaching Sessions for Postdoctoral Researchers

In the postdoc coaching program postdoctoral researchers will be professionally advised, supported and supervised. Together with professional coaches you reflect on your career development options and important decisions as well as on questions around work/life balance. It is the objective of any coaching to support you in seeking out possible answers and solutions.

If that suits your needs you are welcome to apply for funding for individual coaching sessions. Upon confirmation, you can arrange individual appointments with your coach. We will cover a large part of the costs for 4.5 hours of coaching  and ask you to contribute 20 € per session that will be directly paid to the coach.   

Target group: The coaching is open to postdoctoral researchers from all faculties (except from the faculty of Medicine).

Basic Conditions

  • Confidentiality: The names of coachees and the content of the coaching sessions will be treated confidentially. We are not sharing any information with a third party.
  • Quality Management: We will send you a questionnaire at the end of the coaching, which we ask you to fill in. That way we want to insure that the program and the coaches are meeting your demands.

Requirements for Funding:

  • financial contribution of 20 € per coaching session
  • evaluation of the coaching

Please find a liste of our coaches and the registration here.


Financial Support for Childcare

Together with the University of Freiburg’s Family Service we offer financial support for childcare to all postdoctoral researchers, who want to take part in our program.

If you require support for childcare, please write a short email to indicating the workshop you want to visit and an estimation of the costs.

We need information on the amount of hours, costs per hour and the overall amount as well as the childcare facility. Please note that we can only accept invoices from professional childcare providers, but not from private persons.

For more information on childcare facilities, please feel free to contact Juliane Lassen at the Family Service:

For further information, feel free to write an email to or call Dr. Julia Michael +49 761 203-6815.


Courses from External Providers

Here you can find a selection of interesting workshops for postdoctoral candidates from other providers. Please note: The conditions for participation and rules of the particular providers apply. The Freiburg Research Services are not responsible for the content, organization and quality of the workshops.

"Hochschuldidaktik" (Center for Teaching) at the University of Freiburg

An overview of all events provided by the Abteilung Hochschuldidaktik der Universität Freiburg can be found here.


An overview of all events provided by the Abteilung Hochschuldidaktik der Universität Freiburg can be found here.


Courses at the "SprachLehrInstitut" (Language Center)

At the Language Centre of the University of Freiburg you are offered a wide variety of language courses that all members of the university are free to participate in. Please find an overview here. You also have the chance to use the Self-Learning Center, which you have access to via your UniCard. If you are a visiting scholar without a UniCard, please get in touch with Julia Michael to arrange your access to the offers of the Language Center.


Gründungsakademie der Universität Freiburg

You will find an overview of all events provided by the Gründungsakademie here.