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Online: Presentation Skills

Target group

The workshop targets doctoral candidates who would like to learn how to do more powerful scientific presentations.



The ability to present scientific research is a skill that some have, but others need to hone. This course will provide participants with practical knowledge to better structure and deliver their scientific research. Furthermore, this course will work on presentation skills that will prepare students to present not only research content, but themselves. We will blend practice and theory on the key elements to present in a way that leans into your own style of presen-ting and caters to a general audience. Participants will be required to prepare a 3-minute video presentation (3 slides max) of their current work. This presentation will be sent to a small group of participants to get feedback. This course will help participant’s present confidently and effectively to a diverse audience.



This course will improve your presentations and help you recognize your own strengthens for making the most of your allotted presentation time.



Voice and body language training, filler reduction, techniques to overcome nervousness, storytelling through presenting, connecting/maintaining a connection to an audience, fielding questions, trainer feedback, and digital presentations


Course instructor

Dr. Andrew Wold


14 h (video lectures, two group video meetings, home assignments)


Mon, 22.02.2021, 09:00–11:00 h or 11:15–13:15 h

Wed, 24.02.2021, 09:00–11:00 h or 11:15–13:15 h


Please register via the campus management portal HISinOne.



Number of Participants

14 Doctoral Candidates