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Online: Project Management in and outside of Higher Education

Target Group

The workshop is open to doctoral candidates who want to acquire the key concepts and skills for successfully managing projects in and outside of the academic world.



The structure of the workshop follows the life-cycle of realistic projects. The following aspects important to the successful project management will be covered during the two-day workshop:

  1. Initiating projects
    • Defining SMART project goals
    • Understanding project constraints (scope, resources, schedule)
    • Analyzing stakeholders
    • Identifying critical success factors and risks
  2. Planning projects
    • Project planning in activities, milestones, and deliverables
    • Project organization and roles in projects
    • Tools for project planning: Using work breakdown structures, GANTT charts, and common project management software
    • Risk management in project planning
    • Planning communicating in projects
  3. Implementing projects
    • Implementing projects in higher education and business – organizational characteristics and their impact
    • Agile project management using SCRUM
  4. Concluding projects
    • Concluding projects
    • Evaluating projects
  5. Dealing with resistance in projects
    • Resistance to change – why it is natural, why it is reasonable and how to approach it
    • Change from a psychological perspective
    • Dealing with resistance in projects

Intended Learning Outcomes

After the workshop

  • you will know and understand the four phases of the project life-cycle and you will be able to explain what is important to consider in each phase,
  • you will be acquainted with the most important methods and tools and will be able to apply them (SMART criteria, stakeholder analysis, project work breakdown structures, GANTT charts, Critical Path Analysis, Agile Project Management, typical project management software),
  • you will be motivated to apply the approaches and practices in your daily work.

Didactical Concept

The two-day workshop is designed as a practice- and dialogue-based training, taking into account participants’ experiences with project management and equipping them with hands-on skills, techniques, and instruments to successfully implement projects under the specific conditions of higher education.

The workshop uses concrete case-studies from higher education institutions worldwide to illustrate the four phases of project management. The selection of the specific case studies will be decided upon based on the results of a pre-workshop survey needs-assessment among participants (see below). The contents of the workshop will therefore be custom-tailored its participants. Depending on the degree to which participants are already experienced with working or managing projects, real-life cases can be analyzed and discussed. The didactical concept of the workshop explicitly welcomes and encourages an active participation and exchange of experience among the participants.

Within the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experiment working common project management software such as MS Project, Inloox or the open source-tool „projectlibre“. In addition, participants will be acquainted with tools used in agile project management.



In order to participate, you will need a computer, ideally with headset and microphone.



Dr. Lukas Bischof (


15 h


Mon, 25.01.2021, 9:00–17:00 h

Tue, 26.01.2021, 9:00–17:00 h


Please register via the campus management portal HISinOne.



Number of Participants

14 doctoral candidates