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Online: Deutsch als Fremdsprache III

Target Group

This course is for students with an initial proficiency level of A 2.1. Participants should be able to understand common everyday expressions and simple sentences when spoken clearly and slowly. The course will begin with lesson 9 of the textbook DaF kompakt neu A2, Kurs- und Übungsbuch.



This is a general language course, i.e., you will practice skills in oral and reading comprehension, speaking, and writing. The main focus will be on integrating vocabulary and grammar into free conversation. This means that you will generally be expected to complete the exercises in the textbook and practice the vocabulary on your own as homework. This will give us more time in class to clarify questions of grammar and vocabulary and integrate them both into speech. The lessons will be complemented and reinforced by various activities, such as a trip to the tower of the cathedral (Münsterturm) or to a Museum.



All participants are required to purchase the textbook DaF kompakt neu A2, Kurs- und Übungsbuch, Klett Verlag (ISBN: 978-3126763141). If you wish to purchase a grammar book, please ask the instructor for a recommendation.

The final exam takes place on the penultimate course day, on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021.


You are allowed to miss a maximum of 20 % of the entire duration of the course. Please notify the FRS-IGA and the teacher of your absences in written form (see conditions for participation).


Workload: minimum of 45 h (+ additional time for vocabulary)



Katharina Kühler


45 h


Wed, 21.10.2020, 17:30h–20:00h, weekly


Please register via the campus management portal HISinOne.


Online via ZOOM

Number of Participants

15 Doctoral candidates

Initial Level

A 2.1