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Young Entrepreneurs in Science Workshop Karlsruhe on 14.–15.11. & 12.–13.12.2019

Are you interested in taking your doctoral studies to the next level, expanding your presentation skills, or developing a start-up idea with other PhDs and postdocs? Then Young Entrepreneurs in Science is right for you! Take your future career into your own hands.

Develop your personal skills and potential in our four-day, interactive workshop, and learn how to take control of your career. By using practical methods and tools, e.g. Design Thinking, you will learn new things about yourself and the many opportunities available to translate your skills into concrete business ideas. In diverse teams, participants will learn more about interdisciplinary work and innovative ideas development. You will also receive the opportunity to pitch your research topic in front of other PhDs/postdocs and a jury, and tackle the question: “What if I had to live off of my PhD project?”

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Interested? Young Entrepreneurs in Science come to Karlsruhe!

Register until 31. October 2019 via to secure your spot!

Part 1: 14. - 15. November 2019 | Part 2: 12. - 13. December 2019