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Application documents for an initial funding (1st – 12th month)

Please note: We can only accept your application and pass it on to the commissions for review if it contains all of the documents listed above. Please contact us in cases of any uncertainty before submitting your application.


Following application documents must be submitted until May 12th, 2020, 12 noon

I. as PDF by e-mail


II. printed and originally signed by post:


1. Application form originally signed by the applicant 

2. A copy of your certificate of acceptance as a doctoral candidate from your home faculty

Please note: The procedure for acceptance as a doctoral candidate at your faculty can take several months. Therefore, you should submit your application early and observe the meeting dates of the doctoral committee of your faculty.

3. Description of your dissertation project: maximum of twelve pages, including an account of your previous academic work and work for your dissertation project you have accomplished so far as well as a schedule and plan for completing it

4. Letters of recommendation from two professors, junior professors, or other persons authorized to supervise dissertation projects. One of the recommendation letters must be written by your primary supervisor. At least one of them must be a faculty member of the University of Freiburg. The letters of recommendation must be originally signed and sent directly to the International Graduate Academy (IGA) by the reviewer.

5. Curriculum vitae (CV)

6. A copy of your university examination certificates (intermediate examination certificates / Bachelor certificate)

7. A copy of your university diploma (Master certificate or similar)

8. If applicable, a copy of any documents providing evidence of academic achievements, relevant practical experience, and qualifications earned at or outside of the university


Please send all application documents to:

(one pdf file per e-mail)

and printed to:

University of Freiburg
Freiburg Research Services
International Graduate Academy
Linda Schmidt
79085 Freiburg