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Application documents for an extension (25th – 36th month)

Following application documents must be submitted in duplicate (printed and originally signed by post or personal and as PDF by e-mail):

1. Application form originally signed by the applicant 

2. Progress report including an account of the work you have already completed, what you still need to do, and when you expect to complete your dissertation. The report should also include special justification for why you need the extension

3. Letter from your primary dissertation supervisor on your progress report and the work you have completed so far


Following documents must be submitted by post / personal in the case of the commitment for an extension prior to the start of the scholarship

4. Declaration of Income in Lieu of Oath




Please send all application documents to: (one pdf version/file per e-mail)


University of Freiburg

Freiburg Research Services

International Graduate Academy

Linda Schmidt


79085 Freiburg


(printed and originally signed)

Please note: We can only accept your application and pass it on to the commissions for review if it contains all of the documents listed above. Please contact us in cases of any uncertainty before submitting your application.