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... brings your research to an application!Grafik Transfercoaching

You will discover transfer potential as early as you apply for research funding. 


We offer…

  • Counselling interviews to clarify the potential for transfer of your research, especially when founding a new company
  • Support for verbalization of exploitation strategies for third-party-funding relevant to the application (e.g. BMBF, ERC Proof of Concept, VIP+, DFG Erkenntnistransfer, see also: overview in GERMAN) 
  • Guidance during the realization of your exploitation strategy, including start-up formation
  • Moderation of meetings with application partners and connection to partners in industry and society related to application oriented research funding
  • Connection to exploitation experts (contract office, founders office, patent office, patent-exploitation-agency)


Your Benefit:

  • Clarification of application potential of your research, in particular concerning starting-up a foundation
  • Higher chance for granting of research funding
  • Support in application writing (e.g. Determiation of the market potential of research results, exploitation plan)
  • Better coordination of partners inside and outside the university
  • Ideas for follow-up projects (e.g. start-up foundation, joint projects)
  • Contact to new application partners


This offering is part of the EXIST-Project “Windows for Entrepreneurship” of the University of Freiburg.

Further information: