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Academic career versus family? A workshop on career planning and reconciliation of family and work life

Target Group
Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers
The PhD and early postdoc years are essential for academic career development. Scientists are expected to create a distinct research profile, develop an independent publication record, build a teaching portfolio, communicate their research, build a network, undertake research stays abroad, etc. etc. Moreover, academic career paths require high levels of flexibility and are characterized by insecurity. Which of the listed tasks are particularly important? Which time frame is appropriate and compatible with my personal private priorities and my family plans? In this seminar, participants will learn about and evaluate the various requirements for a long-term career in academia. Based on this, they will derive important milestones for their personal career plans. Moreover, participants will reflect on how their career plans are compatible with their private and family plans and will learn about strategies to successfully integrate family and career aspirations.
  • You know the options for a long-term career in academia in Germany. 
  • You have a detailed overview of the requirements for a long-term career in academia.
  • You have an overview of your own academic achievements in comparison with the requirements.
  • You have identified the next important steps for developing your academic career.
  • You know the pros and cons of an academic career for potential family plans.
Interactive input by the trainer, group discussions, group work, analysis of academic profile, self- and group reflection


Course Conductor

Dr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt, 


8 hours


Fr 09.03.2018, 09:00-17:00


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Freiburg Research Services, Friedrichstr. 41-43,

Seminar Room 02 003 (2nd floor)

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